Online coaching

I believe in working with all different parts that distinguish a healthy lifestyle, i.e. diet, exercise, sleep, stress and hormones. All my nutritional advice is always designed to fit your individual needs according to your conditions and goals.

No matter if you just want someone to help you figure out your goals and to assist you when making a plan to reach these, or if you would like to work with me over several months, everything is possible.

Do you want someone to be there for you when motivation is fading or when you’re just having some questions about your plan? I can be that someone for you! I can be there right by your side during your journey towards better health and well-being! Read more below.


Before you decide

I give you the chance to get to know me a bit better and to find out more about how I work. If you’re interested in working with me, contact me to make an appointment for a free talk on skype! We’ll talk for about 15 to 20 minutes, you can tell me more about you and your goals and ask me how I plan on helping you reach your goals. First after that you’ll decide if you want to work with me or not. It’s your decission, you have really nothing to loose.


About my coaching packages and fees*

Single session: 780 SEK

This offer is for those of you who need nutritional advice, but then want to continue your journey towards better well-being and health totally on your own. This session takes between 90 and 120 minutes. We’ll talk about your current lifestyle and health, your goals and then come up with a strategy that will give you a good chance to reach these goals. I’ll try to give you as many tools as possible to make sure you’ll see good progress.

In case you feel the need to have another session later on, it’s possible to schedule a follow-up session. If you contact me within 12 weeks after your first session, you’ll get a discount on the follow-up.


Package n#1: 2 sessions within 12 weeks 1200 SEK

First session (90 – 120 minutes): We talk about your current lifestyle and health, your goals and then come up with a strategy that will give you a good chance to reach your goals.
Second session (45 – 60 minutes): After 12 weeks we’ll evaluate your progress, maybe make some adjustments to our original plan and after getting even more practical advice for a more balanced and healthier lifestyle you are on your own.


Package n#2: 5 sessions within 12 weeks + constant support on email and text message 2900 SEK

First session (90 – 120 minutes): We talk about your current lifestyle and health, your goals and then come up with a strategy that will give you a good chance to reach your goals.
Following sessions (45 – 60 minutes each): We’ll constantly evaluate your progress and adjust our original plan to make sure you’re on the right way towards your goals. You’ll also get many opportunities to learn more about how to improve your well-being and health even more.
During these 12 weeks you have the opportunity to send me an email or a text whenever you feel like you need support or motivation to stick to the plan, or even if you’re just having some questions.


Follow-up session: 600 SEK (500 SEK if you have had your first session with the last 12 weeks or if you did buy package n1 or 2)
No matter if we had just one single session or if you did buy one of my packages, it’s always possible to schedule follow-up sessions. A follow-up session takes between 45-60 minutes. I think it’s wise to schedule a follow-up session once in a while for you to make sure you are still on track, living happy and healthy and in balance. Maybe you even want to set new goals.


Always included:

  • A shopping guide designed to match the diet I recommend to you
  • A collection of recipes to help you get started
  • A list over blogs, articles and books that I recommend


About me

I’ve always been interested in helping people on their individual paths to getting and staying healthy and was able to experience the amazing effects of foods and lifestyle choices on my own health when I was 23. I’ve been on a health journey since and have been able to successfully push my lifelong eczema into almost full remission by cutting out different foods from my diet and slowly adapting a paleo lifestyle.

I’m a certified PI nutritionist and health coach with a Bachelor’s degree of Social Science majored in Sport Science at Karlstad Universitet, Sweden. During my studies my area of focus included, but was not limited to, nutritional science, human anatomy and physiology and different coaching methods and theories.

After getting my degree I wanted to educate myself even more and that’s why I also became a certified PI nutritionist. PI stands for Paleo Institute in Stockholm, which is one of the market-leading schools when it comes to education on paleo living and evolutionary and functional medicine, not only in Sweden but internationally.

I recently moved back to Karlstad to get my masters degree in Public health.

In my free time I like working out, I practice yoga at least once a week, I enjoy taking walks and spending time outdoors. I like cooking and trying new recipes as well as coming up with my own recipes. I’m interested in listening to podcasts, reading blogs, articles and books about health and lifestyle.

I believe it’s important to practice what you preach. I live a paleo inspired lifestyle focusing in eating good nourishing foods, being active and finding a healthy balance in my everyday life.


My thoughts about health and coaching

Health to me is more than just physical health, it’s about your mind set and soul as well as your body. And I think it’s important to remember that you can feel healthy even though you might suffer from an illness.

In order to improve our well-being and to prevent future illness we need to focus on all parts that shape our lifestyle, not only on what we’re eating or if we’re stressing too much. A healthy lifestyle is about find a balance between eating healthy but not living with massive restrictions, working out but taking time for recovery, doing things we love but not neglecting our duties. Whenever you want to improve your health and well-being I believe that you need to think about diet, exercise, sleep, stress, relationships, social obligations and what makes you happy.

I have a holistic approach when working with clients and my role is to help you figure out what your goals are. Together we will come up with a strategy to help you reach these goals and depending on how much you would like to work with me I’ll be there, right by your side, the hole way to the finish line.


Contact me for even more information or to schedule an appointment!
Sent me an email to or give me a call at +46 76 823 87 18.

I look forward to talking to you!


Please note:

  • All health-related and nutritional advices given on this website and during coaching sessions is not to be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis and treatment!
  • It is your responsibility to inform me, before we start working together, about your medical history and current health status, as well as usage of different medications and supplements.
  • I do not give any health-related and nutritional advice to minors.


*All fees are in SEK, use a currency converter to see my fees in your currency.